Apply for NID card by mobile phone

Hey guys welcome to emlearing point 24.  How are you. I hope your are well. Today we are going to to show you most important & interesting topic  , How to apply for a National Identity Card with mobile. So let’s began. So before start we need to learn about some things about this topic.

How to Apply for a National Identity Card

What is National identity card ?

The national identity card or NID is a card which is a portable document , generally a plasticized card. Also it is a compulsory identity issued to every cityzen upon turnig 18 of age.

What is the Significance of NID card ?

As a cityzen you need an identity to live properly. Nid card is a one type of inentification option. Nid card is required as a cityzen for multiple public service .

Why we need Nid card ?

  • 1. Opening Bank account .
  • 2. For any type of loans .
  • 3. Paper Based Work .
  • 4. Any kinds of private service.
  • 5.Obtaining utility connection.

Usese of NID card to open a bank account:

If you want to open an bank account for your savings on any kinds of Bank you must need some information about your self . Nid card is one of them . When interested in open an bank account they ask you your National identity card ( Nid Document) .So it’s very useful to open an bank account.

Usese of NID card to get a Loans: 

Sometimes we need to take a loan from a bank or any organization for busness or other necessary reason. So when you go to get a loan from a bank or organization they ask you to provide your valid information about your self. They ask you to give a copy of your National identity card (Nid). So it is very Important to get a loan from a Organization or Bank.

Uses of NID card on Paper based work : 

Paper Based Work means different types of important paper . It’s very important for our daily life. Such as Driving license, Passport know as paper based work. National identity card (Nid) is very important in these work.

Now let’s knew how to apply for a National identity card (Nid)

You need some information & important things to apply for a National identity card ( Nid )

  • 1. JSC/ SSC/HSC certificate
  • 2. Birth certificate
  • 3. Passport, Driving license or other necessary information ( if you have )
  • 4. Nid card of your parents ( for correct information on your Nid card)
  • 5. 2 pieces of passport size photograph.
  • 6. Cityzen Ship


  • 2. Click On New Registration for new member .
  • 3. Provide your valid information : ( Your full name , your date of birth )
  • 4. Input captcha verification code & click submit.
  • 5. Input your mobile number
  • 6. Again Submit
  • 7. Make a PDF of your information
  • 8. Submit it on your Nearest Municipality

How many days it take long to get Nid card:

It’s naturally take 1 months but sometimes it may long for any reason.

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Written by : Farique Ahmed